If you have fond memories of the sound and feel of the IBM Model M keyboard, R&B Mods has a treat for you; the rest of you membrane fans can pretty much skip their review of the i-Rocks Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard.  This 97 button keyboard uses mechanical switches for key depression, but not a buckling-spring keyswitch, so it isn’t quite the same but still offers feedback.  It is a shiny black USB board however, and it sports a pair of USB plugs and blue LEDs under the three lock keys, which does make it a lot more modern looking.  Take a look and see if you can satisfy your clicky key lust with this new board

“If you are a long-time computer user, you might remember the days when IBM “clicky” keyboards were all the rage. These mechanical keyboards provided you with definite confirmation that keys were pressed with both a tactile and auditory response. This type of keyboard is seldom seen nowadays, having been mostly replaced by “soft touch” keyboards. But i-Rocks, makers of a wide range of computer peripherals, does offer a mechanical keyboard for today’s use. In this review, we’ll look at the i-Rocks Cherry MX Mechanical keyboard. Will this keyboard prove that mechanical keyboards still have a place in today’s computing world? Let’s find out.”

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