“C is for CUDA, that’s good enough for thee!”

nVIDIA’s chief has decided that the CPU isn’t entirely useless, as he had some praise to offer Intel.  Apparently the Atom processor impressed him as he proclaimed that both “a CPU and GPU co-processing architecture” are necessary.  As The Inquirer points out, it is a little strange that he neglected to talk about Ion.  There are success stories he could have told, even if the North American market has not seen them.

There were also some glasses, which Ryan hated more than the Inq did.

“NVIDIA AND INTEL may have been at loggerheads for a while, but Jen-Hsun seemed eager to diffuse some of the hostile atmosphere that has soured the air between the two, declaring that PCs really needed both “a CPU and GPU co- processing architecture,” whilst also praising Intel’s little Atom brat as a “wonderful achievement.”

The graphics firm spent 90 minutes showing a pre-Computex gathering already-seen demos, talking Cuda, failing to mention much about Ion (despite 20 design “wins”) and giving us all a laugh with some god-awful paper 3D glasses.”

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