Choices for CPUs to power your boxen are not limited right now.  To prove that point, The Tech Report picked up over a dozen different processors to test on various scales. If you have ever wondered which chip will get you the most Folding@Home work units per day, or will give you the shortest wait times when rendering graphics, their bevy of desktop processors will tell you.  Toward the end of the article you can see the values compared, which can help you pin down just what processor offers you the best performance at each price point, and there are a lot of price points right now.

“AMD and Intel have deluged us with new CPUs. The result? An enormous roundup of 26 different types of processors, including five brand-new ones. We’ve poked, prodded, tested for performance, measured power efficiency, overclocked, and considered the value propositions for CPUs from $87 to $999.”

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