Although the name might lead you to believe differently, the MSI 285GTX Superpipehas only a modest overclock of 32MHz core and 8MHz memory.  Bjorn3D did find a bit more headroom on the card, including a minor shader overclock, but the trick with this card is the improved cooling; under load it never broke 60C.  If you are looking for serious graphics power without the deafening roar of the vanilla 285GTX, try the MSI Superpipe out.

“I myself look at what that manufacturer uses for a heatsink on their video card. Yes, getting extra software, having an overclocked video card are all niceties but what’s the point in getting a video card when you might need to spend an extra 30-50 dollars on top of your video card for a good GPU cooler that will make sure the video card stays cool at all times. Not to mention the possibilities of ‘WHAT IF’ that GPU cooler does not properly work, or gets installed wrong, what then?

MSI has been one of the top manufacturers that uses an aftermarket cooler for thier video cards. The 285GTX Superpipe is no exception to MSI’s continuation of quality, not to mention their ability to think outside the box when it concerns thier products.”

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