With the amount of hardware flowing through PC Perspective it is inevitable that the same product can end up on two different review benches, as was the case with the GA-MA790FXT-UD5P 790FXmotherboard.  In this instance Steve got to do a lot of the initial hard work, with a Phenom X3 780 BE and 2x2GB of OCZ’s DDR3-1600.  The testing went well and covers storage, gaming, graphics and overall system performance.  His overclocking saw almost a 1GHz gain in speed on the Phenom X3 which is more than a little impressive.  Josh loved the board so much he just couldn’t stop playing with it, and you can catch his commentary on the final page of the review.

“The appearance of the board is quite pleasing, and the layout again cause very few issues with me. The cooling system on the chips was also quite functional, and again was quite attractive in design. The Ultra Durable 3 features also seem to add a lot of value and security, and I believe that they actually add real engineering value to the product. It is simple physics that the thicker the copper, the less the resistance. Less resistance means lower heat produced and less energy expended as waste. Add into the equation that the board is less expensive than the slightly more limited Asus 790FX AM3 board, and users certainly have an attractive option at the high end for AM3 parts.”

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