Driverheaven got their mitts on the console version of the new Ghostbusters game and posted a quick review of the gameplay along with some trailers.  If you can’t wait for the PC version, the Playstation seems to be the better choice as it has content which is not included in the Xbox version.  Along with the single player storyline comes multiplayer support with several different game types to try.  Interestingly, one of the big features on the PC version seems to be missing from this console review; there is not even one mention of the word physics.

“A portion of the audience reading this review will have seen the legendary Ghostbusters movie from 1984, even if you arent old enough to have been around when it was first released. The new game from Atari is damned good fun and is set to appeal to a huge cross section of the gaming audience – especially as it is based on a possible forthcoming third movie in the franchise.”

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