FrostyTech has just finished updating their misleadingly named Top 5 cooler list.  There are not 5 coolers on the list, in total there are 40 representing the best of the air cooling solutions currently available.  As some heatsinks are not compatible with both AMD and Intel, the lists are split into two rankings.  As well there is a Top 10 list for both the best in controlling temperatures and a Top 10 list of the quietest coolers.  More than enough coolers to make your choices for cooling that system in the summer.

“Charts for June 2009 – Frostytech’s Top 5 Heatsinks Charts rank the best coolers by lowest temperature, lowest noise and low profile, and they’ve just been UPDATED! Don’t go heatsink shopping without first looking at the Top 5 charts. Only heatsinks that Frostytech has tested in its labs are included in these Top 5 lists.”

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