Lee is at his test bed again, this time with a review of the OCZ Fatal1ty Champion Series 700WPSU.  It sports a single 12V line, not that you will have problems with load as it can handle 56A and it claims 80+ certification so it shouldn’t add too much to your electrical bill.  Find out how it picked up a PC Perspective Gold Award in the full review.

“The OCZ Fatal1ty Champion Series 700W PSU delivered excellent voltage regulation with clean DC outputs and good efficiency. The Fatal1ty 700W PSU is quiet during normal operation and includes a good compliment of fixed cables/connectors. And let’s not forget OCZ backs the Fatal1ty 700W PSU with their 5-year PowerSwap warranty. It was co-developed by a gamer for gamers and it delivers the goods! Overall, the Fatal1ty 700W is an excellent PSU that will make most any gamer proud.”

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