For a very recent spin-off company, Global Foundries is doing well.  AMD’s 40nm process guarantees them work today, while their 28nm looks after tomorrow.  T-RAM, who are working on a new type of transistor called a thyristor are working with them, they are a member of the IBM Technology Alliance and now they are in talks with nVIDIA.  TSMC has been supplying nVIDIA’s 40nm chips and while they have had yield problems in the past, they now claim to have fixed them.  Since AMD’s plan is to skip 40nm GPUs and head straight to 32nm and 28nm parts, Jen-Hsun Huang worries that AMD will be able to jump ahead a generation and he does not want to see his company left behind.  Read about it at The Inquirer.

“NVIDIA CHIEF Jen-Hsun Huang has confirmed that his company is in talks with AMD spinoff fab company Global Foundries about making its GPU chips in the future.

Way back in March the INQ reported that Huang had met with GloFo’s representatives. Now the Chinese site Expreview has an interview with Huang in which he’s made his position clear.”

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