If you are a burgeoning audiophile, or just shopping around for audio equipment for your stereo or PC, it is worth dropping by Tweaktown for their latest audio roundup.  From headphones and headsets, both wired and wireless to sound cards and speaker systems, they’ve got it covered and you can see it right here.

“This year to date has being an exciting one in the field of audio. With some all out new technology coming forward, there’s also been some more of our old favorites with a new twist. We are currently entering a phase where traditional products are being forced to make way for a new wave of technology in many areas.

So what in fact are some of these new and exciting products I speak of? – Well, one of my favorites is an all new headphone technology allowing for a dedicated 5.1 speaker system to be located inside a pair of headphones. I’ve also being pleased to see a powerful audiophile card from ASUS known as the Essence STX. This card offers the average consumer ‘true’ audiophile performance on a budget.”

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