The price is up in the air, as they have not yet appeared on NewEgg or Pricegrabber, but you can count on a PC3-17000triple channel 6GB kit to be very expensive.  OCZ has grabbed the top 1% of their silicon and ramped the speed all the way up to 2133MHz on these new Blade DIMMs, or 2144MHz overclocked when AnandTech finished with them.  Read on to see how they fare against very tightly timed and significantly cheaper DDR3-1600.

“This is OCZ’s top rated Blade series kit. Of course looking at the specifications it is the top rated kit available, period. Whether it is the top performing kit is something we will answer shortly. OCZ designed this kit to operate at DDR3-2133 (1067MHz) at timings of 8-9-8-24 on the X58 platform with 1.65v, preferably with the Core i7 975. The reason being, IMC load, the lower the Bclk, the lower the load and voltage requirements on the platform when using the unlocked multiplier on the 975 to gain CPU speed compared to a locked processor like the 920 or W3540 that requires high Bclks to reach like processor speeds. It is a little more complicated than that, but that is the 10,000ft overview.”

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