Following in the spirit of the 2new diversified market in which every company strives to make at least one of every possible product on the planet, Overclockers Online introduces the Enermax Aurora Premium & Aurora Micro Keyboards.  Both are made with brushed aluminium and use a patented SCISSORS switch for their keys.  These are serious keyboards, the Micro weighs almost 2lbs and the Premium almost 3lbs, so they are not about to move and could come in handy for self defence.  The Premium edition also sports audio plugs, which is probably not the best idea Enermax had with these keyboards.

“It’s nice to see Enermax break out of the power supply market and into something new. The Enermax Aurora line of keyboards is a great addition to Enermax’s lineup. Aesthetically, the keyboards shine – both literally and figuratively. The brushed aluminum finish is great and is definitely an eye-catcher. The laptop-like keys are also very nice compared to conventional keyboards. In terms of visual design, the keyboards are near perfect – they are works of art.”

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