As a gamer, you don’t necessarily want to read through a 15 page article on tweaking the Windows 7 RC from boot to shutdown.  Some of the tips do help, but a lot have to do with usability, security or other mundane improvements; what you want is tips on making your games go faster and you want them quick.  ExtremeTech has what you need in a quick three pager on getting the most from your gaming experience on Windows 7.  Little gems like the return of msconfig will trim the background tasks to a minimum and let you get gaming faster, without going on a stroll through the registry.  Other features, like the update tool in Games Explorer do not yet work, but should in the final retail version.

“We’ve only scratched the surface of Windows 7 gaming. DirectX 11 will be upon us soon, and we’ll likely see the first DX11 graphics cards later this year.

Also, we haven’t talked much about Games for Windows Live, Microsoft’s PC gaming initiative that’s independent of Windows versions. Games for Windows Live has certainly had its share of teething problems, but Microsoft is slowly— too slowly, it seems—adding features to make it more competitive with Steam and Impulse. However, it’s got a long ways to go. “

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