At first glance, more news about tessellation in games raises very little interest; we have been hearing that it is just around the corner for almost a decade now.  A second look reveals that not only are they right this time, but AMD has the fully DX11 compliant 40nm silicon to prove it.  Sure the current generation of GPUs from AMD can do tessellation in benchmarks, but no games support the technology.  With DX11 we will finally see the arrival of tessellation as well as some other interesting improvements.  You can find pictures and slides of the presentation as well as Ryan’s thoughts on the matter here.

“AMD certainly has set a aggressive pace, and so far we have not seen any information from NVIDIA that they have a working DX11 part in house (all rumors point to them NOT having any working silicon at this time). If TSMC can fix its 40nm issues, and AMD can ramp these parts in a timely manner, then it is not unreasonable to expect actual product to be available for the October launch of Windows 7.”

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