For those who have chosen an uncommon upgrade path or who simply spent every penny they could on their graphics subsystem, some of the results from X-Bit Labs multi-GPU benchmarks will be familiar.  For the rest of us, it is a bit of an eye opener to see just how multiple GPUs perform in three way.  The final conclusions compare performance differences between SLI and 3x SLI, 3x SLI versus 3x Crossfire and 3x SLI versus 4x Crossfire, and you can see that there can be a huge difference in performance between nVIDIA’s solutions and AMDs.  Of course, while reading the review you really do not get an idea what three GTX285s going full bore sound like.

“Contemporary multi-GPU technologies allow combining more than two graphics processors into a single graphics configuration. Many gamers are curious about the performance of systems like that that is why we are going to talk about these unique, rare and pretty expensive solutions in our today’s article.”

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