There are two members to Foxconn’s Quantum Force so far, their equivalent to series like ASUS’ RoG.  The first is the BloodRage and the second is called the FlamingBlade.  The FlamingBlade is slightly cheaper and is missing some features, like support for triple SLI/CrossfireX, though it will handle a pair of dual GPU cards with no problems.  By the end of [H]ard|OCP’s review, they found they preferred the FlamingBlade to the more expensive BloodRage, with a few caveats.  Check out all the testing to see what the bad was, as well as the good.

“The Flaming Blade amounts to a cut down version of the BloodRage we looked recently. Both are similar in appearance, but that’s where the similarities end. Despite being stripped down and having a really gay sounding name, the experience we had with it was a far better one than the BloodRage provided.”

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