Good news for all those fans of Windows 7, bad news for haters that like to kiss up to Apple.  Microsoft is learning how to impress us recently and this is the latest iteration of it.  It looks like most any user will be able to upgrade to Windows 7 for only $50 – if you get in early.  Preordering the operating system will be able in Home Premium form for $49.99 and in Ultimate form for $99.99.  Normal prices are still going to less expensive than Vista, but not by much:

Vista and XP users will need to pony up $119.99, $199.99, or $219.99 on October 22 to score their Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate upgrade, and those of you who want a full retail disc will need to roll up with $199.99, $299.99, or $319.99 respectively.

Windows 7 pricing announced, totally awesome (for a while) - General Tech 2

The low-cost pre-order option starts TOMORROW – so if you know you will be moving to Windows 7, this is the time to get in cheap.  You can get all the details here on this Windows blog post!
And for our retail software, we’ve made significant strides in terms of timing. Gone are the days when it could take months for all language versions to be available. In fact – we’ve narrowed the gap to just over ONE week!

On October 22nd, Windows 7 will be available in the following 14 languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Chinese (Hong Kong).

Then on October 31st, the remaining 21 languages will become available: Turkish, Czech, Portuguese, Hungarian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Greek, Ukrainian, Romanian, Arabic, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Slovenian, Hebrew, Thai, Croatian, Serbian Latin, and Latvian.

Windows 7 truly is a global release and I’m excited to be able to tell my international friends that when I say Windows 7 will be available for the holidays – I mean everywhere in the world.