If the words ‘microATX’ discouraged you from checking out the ASUS Rampage II Gene, you really ought to reconsider.  This tiny little board packs all the power of the X58 chipset, including CrossfireX and SLI.  Sure once you put a pair of high end graphics cards and a Core i7 sized cooler you won’t really be able to see much of the motherboard, but the important thing is that it will fit.  [H]ard|OCP can take you through the features of what is sure to be the hottest thing at LAN parties this year.

“The Rampage II Gene is the newest release from ASUS in its Intel Core i7 motherboard line. While it may seem small in stature, this Republic of Gamers branded board looks to be able to easily compete with the big boys, and do it with a much smaller footprint!”

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