Corsair has been in the news recently for two issues, the first is the hold that has been put on Elpida Hyper-based Dominator GT modules.  The second is the relabelling of PSUs from 80+Gold to 80+Silver because not all units could reach the 87% efficiency under full load that is required in order to meet a Gold rating.  HEXUS sits down with them to discuss the difference 2% can make as well as alternatives to Elpida to get the Dominator GT modules into production again.

“HEXUS brought you the news, earlier in the week, that high-end component maker Corsair was pulling some performance DDR3 modules due to an unacceptable failure rate in their Elpida Hyper ICs.

We subsequently discovered that a couple of Corsair’s new PSUs have had their listed 80Plus energy efficiency rating changed from Gold to Silver.

So we thought it was time to get to the bottom of things and fired over a few questions to Corsair’s vice president of marketing, Jim Carlton.”

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