When you are building a system around a Core i7 and an X58 motherboard, you tend to think big when it comes to the case.  The heatsinks used on Core i7’s often hit 6″, which can severely limit your choices of case.  Hardware Zone is thinking the exact opposite as they review the Shuttle SX587H.  Shuttle has designed this case as they do all their others, so it sits in about the same size range as a toaster oven, and could possibly function as one.  Drop by for a look at the specs and see how Shuttle managed to cool it here.

“Shuttle, the popular barebones manufacturer, has just released the SX587H Pro Station, a barebones system featuring the latest Intel X58 chipset supporting the fastest Core i7 processors. We check it out to see if Shuttle has missed out on anything in this attempt to shrink an X58 machine.”

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