Giving people the information need to build better gaming machines is the main focus of tech review sites, with better file servers and other, perhaps more profitable, PC purposes running a distant second.  iXBT has decided to break the mold by putting together an article on how to build a better office PC.  Over a dozen CPUS, ranging from a $31 Sempron to a $220 C2 Quad, 7 different motherboards and even 3 discreet AMD graphics cards along with 1GB of both DDR2-1066 and DDR2-800.  Drop by for a look at what the various configurations offer in terms of productivity.

“Unlike gaming PCs, office configurations are chosen with the help of universal benchmarks. In practice, the most adequate tests for office hardware these days are SYSMark 2007 and PCMark Vantage. We compiled the results obtained in these benchmarks with different processors, graphics cards, and memory sizes. Traditionally, there’s an interactive configuration calculator for your convenience.”

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