So I guess simply knowing all the codenames isn’t going to make up for a possible delay to AMD’s new DX11-based RV870 GPU, but I was trying to keep things civil here.  I saw over on Tech Report that there are reports of a delay to the Evergreen series of GPUs that AMD is building on the TSMC 40nm process technology targetting Windows 7 and a potential launch date inside September.  Now according to someone “in the know” AMD has been angling to push the launch back to November instead – blame is being placed on TSMC’s 40nm process (once again). 

AMD was desperately hoping that an early release of its DX11 hardware would give it a significant edge against NVIDIA in the upcoming graphics wars brewing in late 2009 / early 2010 but if the Evergreen project is delayed TOO much, it could open the window for NVIDIA to catch up.

The other news coming out around AMD’s future GPU lineup is the compete codename collection:

The highest-end enthusiast offerings are purportedly called Cypress, with performance offerings dubbed Redwood, mainstream offerings called Juniper and Cedar, and low level entry offerings named after the poisionous shrubbery, Hemlock. [bwing me a shwubbery!]

We’ve heard AMD have already received a wafer back from TSMC and that it’s alive, healthy and pretty much ready for ramping production. So the 40nm fully DX11-compliant chips will be ready for launch by the end of September, even slightly ahead of Windows 7.

Now this piece still seems to think that the GPU is due out in September, but both it and the delay information were posted on the same day, so some wires might have been crossed there.

Oh, and just a note, if you haven’t heard about the PC Perspective Hardware Workshop happening at Quakecon 2009 – and this kind of GPU tech interests you, I would suggest you try to swing by the live show if you can!  😉
Though the final details (and a page on the site describing everything) are still being drawn up, the news is official that PC Perspective will be hosting a Hardware Workshop at Quakecon 2009.

The even runs August 13-16th near Dallas, TX. The PC Perspective event will be held on Saturday, August 15th around noon. Even if you don’t plan on joining in the BYOC fun at Quakecon, if you live nearby you should plan on stopping by the workshop to take part in the fun, see some great demos and, of course, win some awesome prizes.

You can visit: for more information.

More details to follow!