Those of you who have seen last nights live podcast will have heard of the hardware and software problems with the Marvell chip implementation of 6.0Gbs SATA.  ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI are all either delaying boards or removing the chips and support for the new SATA standard altogether.  We heard from Marvell during the podcast and Ryan read their statement live.  You can see the text version here, discussing the issue and what legacy support of PATA might or might not have to do with the problems.

“What this essentially says is that the problem on the 88SE9123 chip didn’t lie with the SATA 6G implementation but rather with the legacy PATA support they built into the chip. Going back and looking at the spy shots we have for most of the P55 motherboards we have seen, they ALL do in fact have an IDE channel on them – and since the P55 chipset doesn’t offer support for it, we can assume that all of these motherboard vendors were using the Marvell chipset in that fashion. That would explain why all of the boards would need to be changed drastically at the last minute.””

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