Ghostbusters is a game with a message, and that message is that you don’t need Quad-SLI to run a 30″ LCD all of the time.  In a way that is really good, as Ghostbusters does not seem to support multiple GPUs very well; that may be because it just isn’t demanding enough to need them very much.  [H]ard|OCP had a 1GB HD4870 and a GTX260 running the game @ 2560×1600, with every option on its highest setting and were still averaging 40fps.  That is not to imply that this is a bad looking game, it is both attractive and sports some interesting physics. For only $30 and a guarantee it will run well, how can you say no?
“Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! That’s right; a brand new video game marks the re-release of the feature film on Blu-ray. We’ll take this game, which pays homage to the feature films perfectly, through our gauntlet of video cards to see what kind of value and gameplay experience you can get. We’ll also see if the stories are true about this being a multi-core CPU aware game using CPU-based Physics.”

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