Corsair has updated their SSD pages to include the new Indilinx controller based Extreme Series.  While their stated spec of 240 MB/sec read and 170 MB/sec write seems very nice, we can expect them to perform like the other Indilinx-based units out there without the use of the special Indilinx TRIM tool.

Corsair SSD additions and changes - Storage 3

Corsair X-Series drives sporting Indilinx controllers.

Corsair also made some tweaks to their older drives, moving them into what they call the Legacy Series.  This series adopts the older generation 4-channel Samsung-based S128, and adds a smaller capacity JMicron-based M32 model.

Corsair SSD additions and changes - Storage 4

Corsair Legacy Series.

Don’t let the Legacy title dissuade you from considering the S128.  It is still a decent performer that is well suited to mobile applications, especially if you find it at a good price.