At under $50, the Intel E1400 is not often seen on the headlines of review sites.  Clocked at a modest 2.0GHz, with an 800MHz FSB and 512KB of L2 cache, this 65W TDP dual core chip is perfect for low cost systems.  Phoronix has pitted it against a single 2GHz core, 45W TDP AMD Sempron LE1150 which can be had for under $40.  Their Linux test suite has been fired up, and they even have a 650MHz overclock to show off.  See which of these low cost chips can take home the prize.

“While nearly all of Intel’s attention is focused on their newer LGA-1366 platform with the high-end Core i7 processors and then the forthcoming Core i5 series, there are still plenty of viable processors left for the LGA-775 motherboards. There are of course a number of different Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, and Core 2 Extreme CPUs on the market, but beyond that Intel’s Celeron family does still exist. Most computer enthusiasts simply write off the Celeron products as being too slow, but among the newer Celeron parts there are even some dual-core processors. For a forthcoming article we had picked up an Intel Celeron E1400 for looking at the Linux video decoding performance on a slow system (similar to our HD Video Playback With A $20 CPU & $30 GPU On Linux article), but as we have never published performance results for a dual-core Celeron on Linux, we have decided to get those numbers out there today for those that are interested.”

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