Could it be a funky netbook?  A monstrous iTouch?  A Kindle killer?  A glorified resurrection of an old, much beloved childhood toy?  It is hard to say what goes through the mind of Steve Jobs at the best of times and predicting what a product that as been talked about and opined on as this little device which may or may not have a possibly upcoming release date sometime in the near future is almost impossible.  Cyril at The Tech Report does have a good feeling about it.

“The rumor mill seems adamant: Apple will release a tablet device early next year. That little prediction has led TR bloggers Jason Fox and Cyril Kowaliski to argue over the possible pros and cons of the device.

In his post, Jason sums up the rumors then questions the utility of what could end up as an overpriced, super-sized iPhone with a 10-inch display. Could the product flop like some of Apple’s previous experiments?

Cyril, meanwhile, draws a parallel with the flow of inaccurate rumors that came shortly before the iPhone’s first unveiling in January 2007. He believes Apple knows what it’s doing, and the final product may be quite different from what the rumors suggest.”

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