Vint Cerf, Ray Kurzweil and Ray Merkle all spoke at a recent NASA event dealing with the near future of technology and the way it changes how those who use it interact with the world.  Vint Cerf touches on the future of the internet, social networks and how networks like Twitter, or whatever replaces it, will affect peoples lives.  Ray Kurzweil talks about consciousness and the implications of not being able to define or measure consciousness in any concrete manner.  Ray Merkle delved into the world of microbiological and nanotechnological self assembly, of which he is well acquainted with the mechanical side.  Follow the links from Slashdot.

“Vint Cerf performed an hour-long Q&A at NASA for their “Singularity University” (which is partially funded by Google ). A question about Twitter led Cerf to imagine even more useful micro-applications using the wireless internet and cell phones, including real-time health data and checking your location against a map of known biohazards and disease outbreaks. “These systems have applications which I think we will discover over time,” Cerf says, adding “For me, the exciting thing to just anticipate, are the new ideas for using these instruments.” Also speaking were Ray Kurzweil and nanotechnology expert Ray Merkle.”

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