Drop by Madshrimps for an indepth look at Back to Back CAS Latency timings in your Core i7 motherboard.  It is a tale of strange instabilities, low clock challenges and memory behaving a bit oddly.  By the end you will have a grasp on a BIOS setting that if used properly could increase your systems speed or give you a way to increase stability at the cost of a bit of speed.  Check out another important new BIOS setting Intel’s new architecture has brought us in this article.

“In today’s short article, we’ll have a look at the effect of just one memory timing, the Back-to-Back Cas Delay timing, which seems to be one of the more important timings both performance and stability-wise. If you’re looking for a solution for your high- frequency capable memory kit, performance increase with low-frequency memory or stabilizing high BCLK/high memory … this is something for you.”

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