There is no rule stating that an HTPC has to be cramped, it is just that most people prefer it that way.  The SilverStone Sugo SG04 mATX Case is a little different, being the only mATX case that will let you slip in multiple 10.5″ graphics cards.  If you so wish to run dual GTX 280s, in SLI, you can.  Even if you have no plans for multiple GPUs, this case also gives you a lot more freedom when you are choosing components.  You don’t have to hunt down 1/2 height cards or agonize over storage options, there is some room to manoeuvre there. hardCOREware feels this case is targeted at the LAN gamer, but there are those who will desire a little overkill even in their HTPC.

“We have just published our review of SilverStone’s latest mATX SFF case: the Sugo SG04. A lot of time has passed since we reviewed the SG01, but the cases remain quite similar. The main advantage of the SG04 is that it supports full-length 10.5” video cards. This includes the GTX 260 and Radeon 4870. In SLI.

Granted, installing such a system in a tiny case is not going to be easy, but it’s there if you need it. This makes the SG04 quite possibly the smallest case that supports full-length video cards.”

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