Starting next Tuesday, 320GB, 160GB and 80GB Intel SSDs will be on the market for those that can afford them.  They will be using 34nm NAND chips which will mean several things, the most obvious of which is the large capacities.  These larger drives will also have better performance that drives with older process flash memory and may reduce the price.  As Intel 160GB drives currently sell for just over $4/GB or $650 so a doubling of price, plus a premium for the large size would present a prohibitive cost to most enthusiasts.  The 500GB drive that The Inquirer is hoping for would be an even more expensive proposition.

“ALMOST THREE WEEKS ago the INQ revealed Intel would be launching its next generation SSD drives based on 34nm NAND chips within about two weeks. Well, as it turns out we were off by only about a week, with new information reaching us today that launch date will actually be Tuesday 21st July.

The INQ has it on good authority that come close of play next Tuesday, the new and improved, cheaper, faster chips will be available for channel orders.”

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