The Inquirer has been sniffing around Taiwan trying to track down more information on the upcoming AMD rs880 chipset.  While it is fairly certain that this will herald the arrival of the onboard DX10.1 HD 4200 graphics core, the actual performance numbers are up in the air.  If what they translated is correct, you can expect to see performance about the level of a 6800GT or an ATI X800XL.  On the flip side, you could pick up an HD4650 for $60.  This chipset may excite people at the business level, but not too many enthusiasts are going to be holding their breath.  We will find out for sure sometime around the end of August.

“WE’VE BEEN DIGGING around on Taiwanese shores for more details about AMD’s RS880 chipset and have managed to pluck some 3DMark-06 benchmarking goodies from the golden sands.

The RS880, sporting AMD’s new Radeon HD 4200 graphics core with integrated DX10.1 graphics, is purportedly close to 15 per cent faster than anything comparable currently on the market and also supports the firm’s Stream tech.”

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