Slashdot reports that the distributed computing network, BOINC, is now averaging 2,793.53 TeraFLOPS every 24hrs, putting it far beyond the nearest supercomputer in terms of raw processing power.  BOINC now encompasses far more than just SETI@Home and Folding@Home, there is a long list of projects to choose from.  Our PC Perspective Killer Frogs currently sit at 28th place in combined BOINC stats and 18th in Folding@Home.  If you want to join, drop by the Folding Forum or the BOINC Forum where you can choose to joint the Project of the Month or choose your own project(s) to follow.  Congratulations to BigRed, MJD1964, everyone on the Top 25 list and any and all who crunch for the Killer Frogs!

“Though an official announcement has not yet been made, it would appear that the BOINC project as a whole has exceeded two petaflop/s performance. The top page features this legend: ’24-hour average: 2,793.53 TeraFLOPS.’ According to last month’s Top500 list of supercomputers, BOINC’s performance is now beating that of the fastest supercomputer, RoadRunner, by more than a factor of two (with the caveat that BOINC has not been benchmarked on Linpack).”

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