Not that it has ever been mentioned before, but we at PC Perspective are very interested in the future of graphics in general and Ray Tracing in particular.  One company in particular has caught our attention and Ryan has caught up with Caustic Graphics to see how their projects are coming along.  This particular talk focused on Caustic Graphics CausticRT platform, called CausticGL.  This platform is based on the OpenGL ES 2.0 standard, not some bizarre proprietary system, which offers a lot of hope for this start up companies future and the future of Ray Tracing.

“The benefits of getting a standard would be astronomical to the end user and developer – just as with DirectX and OpenGL, processing companies like NVIDIA, AMD and Intel would then have a very specific instruction set to implement on their hardware allowing them to focus on performance and implementation. Developers would also be more likely to start implementing the ray tracing API on a larger scale once the majority of PC hardware (or at least in gamers PCs) properly accelerates the API.”

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