One terabyte drives are fairly common now, but they come in 3.5″ which is rather unfriendly for mobile users.  Western Digital is introducing 1TB 2.5″ drives at a premium price.  Roughly double the cost of their larger brethren, there still many who will be clamouring for a chance to store 500GB of old unread email on their laptop so that they can complain the mail store runs slowly on their laptop as well as their desktop.  Others will be happy to store HD content for playback, without having to use an optical drive and drain their batteries even more quickly.  WD didn’t name any names when The Inquirer asked about manufacturers who will be putting this drive in their systems, but WD did mention an new external HDD enclosure that they will be selling that does contain their 1TB drive.

“WESTERN DIGITAL HAS unveiled what it claims is the world’s first one terabyte 2.5-inch hard disk drive.

Falling within WD’s Scorpio Blue range, this 333GB per platter SATA drive is priced at €205($338ish). There’s also a 750GB version for €140($230ish).”

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