Meridian, one of our forum moderators is playing with a D0 stepping Core i7 920.  He is trying to peg down the best overclock by manipulating all of the possible variables that apply to overclocking this new architecture.  Take a peek and see what tricks you can pick up and post in this thread if you have any comments or questions.  The overclock does of course lead to heat problems, so you will have to make sure your cooling solution is good enough to provide the needed heat dissipation.  A solid PSU is not a bad investment either.

Overclocking isn’t the only way to get an increase in your systems performance, old tricks do still work, like defragmenting your page file, or moving it to a separate controller.  There is also a lot to be gained by tweaking your OS, so look to the Windows forum or the Linux forum, depending on your OS of choice.

In addition to the forums and the front page, get the latest tech info from the Weekly PC Perspective Video Podcast; the TWKR chip from AMD starts it off.  You can leave us feedback after you’ve watched it in this thread.  It is more than just tech news that should grab your attention, there is a secret URL revealed during the podcast which will give you another chance to win the Smooth Creations custom built gaming rig that PC Perspective is giving away