For July, Guru 3D’s rig of the month was built by a young Estonian forum member with a penchant for ThermalTake.  A surplus of LEDs really make the case shine in the dark and help highlight his components with a nice green hue.  Perhaps his biggest hurdle was dealing with the prices in Estonia, he estimates a total price of 2800-2900 Euros which translates to $4000 USD.  Keep that in mind if you are headed to Europe!

“Meet Margo at the age of 19, Margo has been a Guru3D aficionado for a while already and can be found often in our forums, he shares our passion of building nice PCs. Margo is a Student. His PC will be the Rig of the Month July 2009, and he has built his PC with some interesting components and has them all lit up with a lot and lot of colors.”

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