Putting together a PC on the cheap is not a hard thing to do in this market, as long as you are not looking to break 3DMark records.  For a simple HTPC, there are a $50 graphics cards which will give you enough power to pump out HD content to a TV or monitor.  Size really isn’t an issue either, though some will spend a little extra for that special box.  Once you are up and running, even on an HTPC, as long as you can connect to the net either directly or indirectly, wired or wireless, make sure you are aware of the nasty things which roam the tubes.

Once you have made the decision to spend your summer in front of a PC, temperatures can become a big issue, especially for those of us who are dedicatedoverclockersTemperatures can vary greatly, depending on where you are, Phoenix AZ will certainly require a resident to pick up a more powerful cooler, than say someone who lives in Alaska and just happened to have won a sweet, kick-ass new machine

Assuming you are up and running, both graphics companies have released new drivers, AMD’s support Win7 and nVIDIA’s come with a caveat.  If you are running, that means it is time to tune into TWiCH and the PC Perspective Podcast.  On the other hand, if you aren’t running fast enough, it’s time to visit the Trading Post!