The internet is great, bringing you a broad variety of information and entertainment, some of which you want to see and some of which you wish you could bleach out of your brain.  Either way, when the tap runs dry or even just starts to falter a little, it can be a real brain teaser trying to track down the problem

Once you are up and running, you can see all sorts of interesting things, like this case mod that we heard tell of about a year back which is finally approaching completion.  Or perhaps you are more into extreme sports that could kill you, or at least freeze a finger. 

The storage forum is a little less dangerous than the overclocking forum, as it is rather difficult to overclock a HDD but they are not without their problems.  For instance, the 12th gen Seagate 7200 drives have been a source of many a headache for our members, so check this thread out if you happen to own one.  If you want abandon platter based drives altogether, you really owe it to yourself to check out Allyn’s new SSD decoder ring, which will let you determine what technology lies behind each of the SSD drives that are currently available.

There are currently two giveaways here at PC Perspective, the first is for fans of graphics cards as we are giving away a Galaxy GTX 275 OC which can really move a lot of air as it pumps out frames.  The second contest is a little more involved, but as it is an entire Smooth Creations AMD gaming rig that is the prize, the tiny bit of effort you have to put in is worth it.   That tiny bit of effort is for you to watch the PC Perspective Podcast and pay attention so that you can spot the secret URL that will give you another shot at winning.  Click on over and watch, and maybe give us a rating on iTunes while you are at it!