If you are looking for a little Wild West action on your PC, and a Clint Eastwood marathon just won’t cut it, pick up the second iteration of Call of Juarez; Bound in Blood.  Shotguns and six shooters replace SMGs and BFGs and there is no crying allowed.  [H]ard|OCP picked up a copy to test the experience that people will have with eight of the top current video cards.  Their testing showed that even a HD4770 can manage 2560×1600, though perhaps the most interesting part was the results from the HD4870 X2.  Considering the allegations that the first game’s performance was heavily slanted in favour of AMD, it seems surprising that Crossfire, even on a single card, is not yet supported in Bound in Blood.

“Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is in town to once again provide your spaghetti western fix. The first game broke new ground for graphical fidelity, and we’re very keen to learn if this new game will do the same. We’ll take a good long look at Bound in Blood with eight of the best video cards around.”

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