Relative newcomer to the streaming content business Hulu has displaced Joost in the hearts of internet users as the favourite way to grab online TV series and movies.  The original concept of Joost might have been a bit too broad, using bittorrent to distribute the content was certainly a great idea, but their concept of content was so broad they never managed to find a core group of users to depend upon to spread the good word.  Switching to a browser model put them in direct competition with Hulu, a content provider that does have a huge amount of users preaching the gospel of Hulu and Hulu Desktop.  Find out what the future holds for Joost at Ars Technica.

“Joost, the P2P online video service once hailed as the new way to watch TV, has announced that it’s ditching its consumer video offerings. Instead, the company plans to offer services to other media companies—such as cable and satellite providers—as a “white label video platform.” The company will be doing quite a bit of restructuring in order to accommodate its new role by shedding employees and replacing its CEO.”

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