The rumours of Ion 2 are growing, and with the nature of the industry they will become fact sooner rather than later.  As Jon Peddie put it to The Inquirer, we all are trapped in the mantra of Moore’s law.  If you don’t build faster and better chips, you get left behind.  Most rumours agree that nVIDIA will double the shaders to 32, while simultaneously shrinking the die to keep the TDP relatively unchanged.  Having that many shaders might help general graphics performance but will certainly help 3D gaming.  It does make you wonder who is going to game on an IGP with graphics cards so incredibly cheap to buy.

“The first we heard of the plan was at Nvidia’s analyst day a few weeks back, when the Green Goblin mentioned it would be releasing two more versions of the modified GeForce 9400M processor it calls Ion, although it stingily neglected to give out either dates or specifications. Our sources expect products based around Ion 2 to be available before the end of the year, however.”

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