Microsoft and Yahoo have finally stopped anxiously batting eyelashes and brushing against each other when they pass each other in the halls.  Unfortunately for the paparazzi, the relationship has not started with a bang, but rather a Bing.  Yahoo will now use Bing to provide its search results, but in order to preserve its unsullied status has refused payment from Microsoft for any services rendered.  Instead they would like to simply split the bills and write nasty letters to that noisy neighbour upstairs, Google.   More at The Inquirer and at Yahoo as well.

“MASTERS of the will-they won’t-they relationship, Microsoft and Yahoo, have finally got it together on advertising and search engine operations, with a view to take on the might of Google.

Under this deal Yahoo is supposedly managing the ads side of the business and Microsoft will provide the necessary search engine platform. Rumours are that the two will share the revenues.”

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