The GlacialTech Igloo 5610 Plus Silent CPU Cooler is not at the top of the heatsink list for cooling, nor does it weigh 2 pounds and sport a pair of 140mm fans.  It is a 5″ tall mid range cooler that will cool most modern chips from Intel and AMD and it will do so very quietly. If Think Computers is on target with their guess at a price of $20, it also offers a very inexpensive way to use a third party heatsink as opposed to the stock cooler.  Shame about the fan though.

“Today we got a chance to check out the GlacialTech Igloo 5610 Plus Silent CPU Cooler, one of two in the series. This cooler offers a duo of 92mm silent fans across a tall and thin heatsink. The base comes with the thermal grease already applied which saves you from applying too much or not enough on an even layer. This small, yet powerful cooler offers cooling across the whole spectrum of CPU sockets; both AMD and Intel. Read on further to see how well it performs.”

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