Nanya is one of the less recognized names in the memory industry but that doesn’t mean that they should be avoided, just that they are less flashy than Corsair and others.  Sitting right at the JDEC specs for PC3-12800  this dual channel kit runs 1600MHz with timings of 9-9-9-24, translating into an easy installation for newcomers to PC building. The most interesting feature of this RAM is that it runs at 1.5V, perfect for the low voltage memory controller on the Nehalem.  Check out how they did at Bjorn3D.

“Elixir commonly refers to medicine, which I hopefully will not need when overclocking this RAM kit. I know the Mushkin I had would not get to 1802 stably on this board, but maybe Nanya has a trick up their sleeve which gave them just the edge they need to acheive this high RAM clock. At that speed memory bandwidth is extremely high, especaly with the RAM running in triple channel. Such high memory bandwidth will be a big help in server, and heavy encoding environments. These speed boosts will undoubtedly vastly increase production, but if your not into such professional tasks, then there are always games. Games take advantage of the added RAM in a system, but enough talk about the RAM, lets see what this RAM can do!”

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