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Final Thoughts

After using the Zero 2 for almost three weeks now, I really got used to the extra real estate and comfortable working environment the case offers. I swap parts out constantly as part of my hardware review duties so having a case with quick-release components is extremely helpful. The extra headroom over the motherboard was also helps move parts in and out of the case quickly and efficiently.

NZXT Zero 2 Full Tower Case Review - Cases and Cooling 38

The cooling system NZXT created for this case was actually very good and the three 120mm fans on the back and front panels do a great job of exhausting heat away from the system. I was a little disappointed that NZXT didn’t include the four 120mm fans for the side panel as they did with the original Zero case, but I’m sure it was a cost issue and not one they made without careful consideration. Another item to note is that our power supply partially covered the top blowhole and didn’t allow us to install a fan to be used in that location of the case. This should be a concern for consumers who want to install a non-standard PSU. We also wanted to mention that each of the included fans has Molex power connectors and three-pin power connectors, which makes them easily interchangable between using them with fan controllers or connecting them directly to the power supply itself.



The NZXT Zero 2 case is currently available at for $69.99 (after $20 MIB). It is also available at other online resellers like and



We’d like to thank NZXT for providing the Zero 2 case for our review today. I honestly had mixed feelings about the case because on the outside it is a flashy and modern looking case. But, after opening the side panels, I saw some very old design elements that are pretty much phased out in today’s cases. The main difference was the location of the PSU. These days it has been moved to the bottom of the case, but NZXT put it at the top of the case. Thankfully, the case’s spacious exterior makes this a non-issue, but I prefer the PSU to be at the bottom of the case.

NZXT Zero 2 Full Tower Case Review - Cases and Cooling 39

What really should make this case sell well is the amount of space for multiple hard drives and optical drives, the steel chassis, and extra cooling options. The current price also doesn’t hurt its selling chances either, but that price is without shipping which might make it less of a bargain if shipping is expensive because the case weighs over 22 lbs. Overall, the exterior design is top notch and the extra space and cooling options are very appealing. It’s been a great case for my current test bench and will probably stay there until another case comes along that can match its size and hardware swapping options. 



  • Sturdy steel chassis
  • Three 120mm fans included for great cooling
  • Quick-release drive rail system
  • Spacious interior
  • Price


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Front panel door doesn’t stay open due to strong magnet used
  • Blowhole partially covered by non-standard PSU sizes
  • No fans included for quad fan wall on left side panel
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