The agitation of the world markets has had an impact on the bottom line of PC component makers as well as boutique shops.  Going by the posts in the PC Perspective forums, it would seem that it is the boutique stores which are taking the biggest loss.  A plethora of new members have been arriving, looking for advice on upgrading, buying for themselves or a family member, or simply an inexpensive upgrade.  (Or an expensive one). Not only are these seekers welcome to visit and perhaps stay, we have recommendations, as well as an entire sub forum devoted to helping out.

Those who have had their systems for a while, there are other ways of seeking better value from their systems, some even managing to get performance as yet unavailable anywhere.  Others are running into problems, but all problems do have solutionsunless the worst happens

If you haven’t found the perfect solution that fits your wallet and your system yet, best head on down to the Trading Post.  You’ll be surprised what you can find and might even be pleasantly shocked to find out somebody wants what you want to get rid of.  For the absolute best in free entertainment, the audio version of this weeks PC Perspective podcast is up and ready; Ryan’s uploading of the video version has encountered a slight delay in the form of a Hawaiian vacation, but it will be arriving soon.