The body of the EnerMax Aurora Micro Aluminum Keyboard is one solid piece of aluminium with matte black plastic keys with what Enermax claims to be ‘Everlasting key top printing’, in a compact form factor.  This means that while it does keep the solidity of the design, anyone who finds that one-size-fits-all gloves do anything but fit are going to have troubles with the some of the tiny keys.  If you do have hands on the small size, check out this micro keyboard at Techware Labs.

“With an attempt spread their wings, Enermax has released their line up of peripherals. They have taken their time to make a product that is cheap enough for everyone, but tough enough for the enthusiast. The fruit of their labor is the Aurora Series. Now we put it to the test to see if the Aurora Micro will be a heavy weight contender or a featherweight failure. Read on as Will takes a look…”

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