Inexpensive netbooks have really put a dent in the sales volume of the lower cost small laptops.  The Atom might not have the power of a mobile dual core processor, but add in a decent onboard graphics solution and that Atom has no trouble playing back BluRay quality video.  Laptop makers are left with a choice of focusing on netbooks as a replacement for their smaller laptops and not producing any laptops under 17″ or they could slash costs on their smaller laptops.  AnandTech has taken a peek at those laptops which have been reduced to under $500, from vendors like WalMart and Best Buy.  Find out just what components go into a netbook priced laptop in their article.

“It used to be that getting any laptop for under $1000 was virtually impossible unless you were willing to buy used. Since 2000, we’ve seen a huge surge in laptop sales along with an accompanying drop in prices. We’ve had new laptops starting at under $600 since around 2005, but a quick look at the specs of the laptops in that old article will show you just how far we’ve come in four short years. For those that don’t want to follow the above link, here’s a quick recap.”

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