There is no question that DDR3-200, aka PC3-16000 DIMMs are very fast, even with the timings at higher values than slower DIMMs.  There is a question about their reliability as many review sites, such as AnandTech are seeing frequent deaths during testing.  In some cases overvolting is to blame, when the voltage heads over 1.65V to allow better overclocking performance, the chances of failure also increase.  Seeing deaths at 1.50V is another thing altogether.  AnandTech gathered together a representative sample of DIMMs with varying ICs to see if they could pin down the problems.

“We just looked at i7 memory scaling performance and now it is time to chill a few processors to see what those DDR3-2000+ kits are capable of for the serious overclocker. As it turns out that was the opening to our original article, which we planned to launch in conjunction with the DDR3 memory-scaling article.

However, the best plans of mice and men sometimes go awry. Unfortunately, we met delay after delay as every one of our Elpida “Hyper” based kits failed on us in some form or fashion over the past few weeks. At times, a single module would fail and eventually the whole kit in certain instances. Eventually our patience wore thin as even warranty replacements started failing and we knew this was not an isolated problem.”

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